How to remove subtitles from movies

Today I'm going to share a wonderful trick to remove subtitles. Subtitles are very annoying when they are in
  different language or not perfectly sync. with the audio. So it's time to remove them.

Follow my steps :

  • First of all download this software from here and open it.
  • Now click on "add" to open the movie from which you want to remove subtitles.
  • In my case I want remove subtitles from Lord Of The Rings.
  • Now untick the subtitles file as shown in image below.

  • Now goto " Format Specific Option " to select the output folder.
  • Finally click on "Start Muxing" to remove subtitles.
  • Now got to folder where you have save your movie to watch it.

That's the End of tutorial hope you like it. For any query pls comment.



How to convert dual audio movies to single audio without losing it's quality

As we all know that almost all movies we download contains dual audio. But like to watch movies in our mother language. So today I'm going to tell how you can convert dual audio movies into single audio without losing it's quality. 

Follow my steps :

1.  First of all download this software by clicking here and open it.
2.  Now click on " Add  " to put your Desired Video to be convert.

3.  Now Select any Movies that has Dual Audio.
4.  In my case I select The Avengers Dual Audio Movie

5.  Now you see, that movies has Dual Audio.
6.  Now I need Only Hindi,then I untick below English audio.

7.  Now next step is to Add Output Target for that file.
8.  You can't use same file-name in that Directory.
9.  so you have to rename it as Movie1 or place any character in that file-name.

10.  Now Step is to Click on " Start Muxing ".
11.  Now Wait Until That process should Completes. 

12.  Now go folder where you have save your movie and you are ready to watch it.